PMDG Lanza el 737NGXu para Prepar3D V4

Este es un nuevo avión construido desde cero para aprovechar muchas mejoras en la base del código y trae una gran cantidad de nuevas características y cambios. El PMDG 737NGXu presenta una simulación de sistema completamente nueva, física de vuelo mejorada, pantallas de cabina de alta resolución y también muchas opciones de equipos nuevos dentro de la cabina. Como se bromeó anteriormente, el EFB también aparece con la integración de Navigraph.

El paquete base contiene los modelos 737-800, 737-900 y 737-900ER con opciones de ala estándar, Blended y Scimitar Winglets, junto con texturas PBR, un conjunto de sonido completamente nuevo y mucho más.

Adjunto el listado de cambios:

  • All new system simulation, utilizing the latest PMDG system simulation engine.
  • Enhanced flight physics.
  • Addition of rigid body physics affecting flex/vibration propagation to wing and tail surfaces.
  • Improved flight control systems.
  • Electronic Flight Bag with Navigraph Integration.
  • High resolution cockpit displays
  • New equipment options for cockpit instrumentation, fuel system changes and more.
  • Changes to 737 options packages reflecting real world changes since NGX was first offered in 2011.
  • Expanded failures simulation to cover nearly all QRH scenarios.
  • PMDG Global Flight Operations compatibility (when PMDG GFO is made live in late 2019!)
  • Native PMDG datalink simulation for offline flying (similar to 777 and 747)
  • Driveable TPX200s pushback tug with user controlled steering and speed.
  • Base Package includes 737-800, 737-900 and 737-900ER models with standard wing, blended winglet and split scimitar winglet options where offered on the actual airframe.
  • All new, high definition sound suite recorded on a fully instrumented test airplane.
  • Sounds balanced and layered using advanced studio technologies in order to provide the most lifelike representation possible of the soundscape on a 737 airliner.
  • Enhanced PMDG Sound Engine for immersive audio experience on the flight deck.
  • New PMDG Operations Center 2.0
  • Entirely New virtual cockpit built just for Prepar3D with hundreds of new details including high resolution textures and PBR support.
  • Dynamic lighting throughout, including panel floods, chart lights, map lights, CB panel illumination, Grimes lights and dome lights.
  • Many new equipment options reflecting changes to the global 737 fleet.
  • Optional auxiliary fuel tanks/panel. (for use in 900ER and subsequent BBJ/BBJ2 offerings)
  • Automatic eyepoint adjustment for HGS and non HGS views (with the ability to control and disable from FMS)
  • New LED external lighting options for all fleet types., including the implementation of pulse lighting.
  • Entirely new exterior models with more details and high resolution 4096×4096 textures.
  • PBR enabled out of the box, each surface has accurate reflective properties, especially on bare metal surfaces where rivets have a different reflective property compared to a polished surface.
  • Higher resolution normal maps, see rivets and panel lines in rich detail.
  • Smooth animated flight controls and landing gear operation.
  • Boeing Sky Interior cabin model with cool blue LED lighting.
  • Accurate flight dynamics and performance data for each model type including Blended and Split Scimitar winglet.
  • 737-800 and 900 models with different wingtip options including standard wingtip, blended and split scimitar winglets, including the 737-900ER model.
  • Ground Service vehicle fleet to support the 737 during turnarounds at airports all around the world.
  • Real time refueling based on accurate Boeing data.
  • Global fuel density model as introduced with the 747.Fuel densities will closely match actual fuel density as reported globally by world operators.
  • Fluid flow simulation for hydraulic, pneumatic and fuel systems.

Puedes comprarlo aquí, cuesta $99 USD y si lo compras antes del 31 de Diciembre, tienes derecho al 737NG para MFS2020 :

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